Petrie Boots

Petrie Boots

Custom-Made Boots

Petrie boots can be custom-made for a perfect fit, a unique design or an unusual choice of materials. The possibilities are endless, ranging from special colours, materials and stitching to rhinestone patterns or your initials, etc.


Customize Your Boots

Would you like to go one step further and order a truly one-of-a-kind pair of riding boots?

Our Customize your boots plan allows you to create your own unique design. The workmanship and brilliant fit will be 100% Petrie, but the final look will be 100% you.

Either go ont he website and select Knowles Equestrian Collection as your provider, I can arrange a fitting appointment & bring the boots to you once arrived.

Or if you'd prefer, I can create your perfect boots with you; you can try some on at the same time as getting measured.

Please contact us or call 07789 743976 to arrange an appointment or for more information. 

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